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¡Novedad! Beremot Spicy Fresh

70 cl bottles

Beremot Coffee

15,00 €
This variety of Beremot is characterised by the subtle and fine aroma of roasted coffee beans. Its pleasant...

Beremot Strawberry

15,00 €
In the shadow of the holm oak, the beech and the oak, wild strawberries grow, which in combination with the strong...

Beremot Lime

15,00 €
With an intense citrus aroma, Beremot Lime is characterised by the acidic flavour of this fruit originating in the...

Beremot Orange

15,00 €
With the flavour of an orange recently picked from the tree. In this variety, Beremot captures the essence of this...

Beremot Classic - Natural

15,00 €
Obtained from corn and with the certification of Russian oenology specialists, Beremot is a 40% vodka created with a...

5 cl miniatures